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April 20, 2023

Welcome to your personal portfolio with Rob Rivera Photography. This page will provide timelines and information pertinent to your upcoming wedding. If you have any questions or difficulties, please email us at or call 908-420-3421.


Additional Resources

1. Initial Meeting


2. Lock In Your Date


3. Engagement Session

4. Shot List & Balance

Complete before Planning Meeting

5. Planning Meeting

2-6 days before wedding

6. Wedding Day


7. Thank you


In this 30 minute meeting, we described our processes, method of shooting, and pricing information. Thank you for choosing us as your wedding photographers!

Please sign the agreement and make your 50% deposit to secure your date.

If you have an engagement session built into your agreement, it will include a 45 minute session. You'll be able to access your proofs, make your 10 selections, and download your images below:

This form is a shared Google Document that helps organize your portrait session on your wedding day. It is extremely important that both the Shot List and final balance be completed before the Planning Meeting.

In this 45 minute meeting, we will go through a series of prompts to gain a better understanding of timelines, vendors, and other details about your wedding day. Please try to have as much information as possible on hand, including your shot list.

Congratulations! Here, you'll be able to access your proofs to make selections and then download your images after they've been finalized:

Thank you for your business. If you feel we did an exceptional job in serving your needs, please feel free to copy and paste your review at one or more of the links below:

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